About Us

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DCS  specializes in the developing and implementation of enterprise level IT and AV systems and solutions, and is committed to the distribution of open source technology products in the field.

DCS designs, deploys and delivers innovative Open Source solutions and maintains the long-term stability of products to greatly benefit users. DCS is consistently recognized in Sea to Sky and North Shore for the innovative and high-performance professional networking solutions


We believe enterprise IT solutions should be attractive not only because they are cheaper in the long run, but because they are reliable and more efficient. DCS was founded on the idea that we could provide a better IT and AV solutions to our customers.




Dynamic Collaborative Solutions, Inc. (our US based Resource) is here to change the way you do business with our AV solutions!

We make face-to-face meetings easy and affordable for all.
Video teleconferencing or telepresence; the next generation of video conferencing, is more than just a meeting. It is how everyone will do business in the future and how you can do business today.


Dynamic Collaborative Solutions (DCS) is first and foremost an Audiovisual (AV) Solutions Provider.The DCS Team will install onsite, from base to cloud, with hosting and support for a better user experience.


What Is Important to DCS?


We will sit down with you in a collaborative approach and help design the correct solutions for your organization. The reality is that every organization is a little different, and what is perfect for the firm down the road may not be perfect for you, so why should you get exactly what they did?


We strive for a true working partnership with our clients, as we want to work with you not just next week but next year and the year after that, and the only way for that to happen is if we work together on this process. And we’ll be here for you after the project as well.

Customer satisfaction:

The bottom line is we want you to be satisfied with our work, and to be glad you trusted us to help you with your projects. Everyone wins, and everyone is happy that way.

Our relationships:

We work with the major manufacturers of equipment and control systems. Our approach is to partner with manufacturers who share our ideals, and can also provide us the equipment and solutions that our clients need for each project, regardless of your budget.