We specialize in delivering a full range of technology services to our clients throughout the province. Many companies provide hardware and software to their customers, but we work with our clients as a team to deliver affordable solutions tailored to their needs. These solutions go beyond hardware and software, and deliver value by including the people and processes that make your organization unique.


DCS’s leading FreePBX Service and Support

  • Solutions
    We have more registered FreePBX installations than anyone else in the Sea to Sky.  We have helped leading local companies implement FreePBX both in house and in the Cloud.   We can help you with whatever your FreePBX environment maybe, simple or complex.
  • FreePBX Support Contracts
    We offer support contracts for your local FreePBX installation.  This ensures you get the optimal performance out of your open source software, and is necessary for any technology that you run your business on.
  • FreePBX Design and Build Services
    Any company looking to implement a new installation of FreePBX should consult with an experienced VoIP architect.  We have those experts on staff and get calls from all over the country for design/build assistance.  We are considered an expert in this arena by our peers, which is the ultimate endorsement.
  • FreePBX Redundancy
    Our unique approach to FreePBX redundancy allows your organization to operate a secondary server that can take over responsibilities immediately and automatically should the primary server fail.   Nobody else knows how to do this in a real world scenario with FreePBX like we do!